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What is the Circular Economy?

Our current linear system sees large quantities of natural resources extracted with high energy use to produce single-use products or products that are thrown away at the end of their life.

In the Circular Economy, products and materials are designed to be kept in the economy for as long as possible and practices like reuse and repair aim to extend their use.

At the end of a product's life, it is transformed into another useful product through remanufacture and repurpose.

Much like in the natural world, waste has value and is a resource that can be utilised for another use. These processes are done at a local level to minimize the impact on natural resources and support the local economy.

WEEE Ireland CE Strategy

In 2021, WEEE Ireland launched its own Circular Economy Strategy, encompassing the current core values of the scheme and expanding our vision, mission and objectives to transform our successful WEEE and Waste Battery system into a more sustainable one. 

The Strategy aims to lead the electrical and battery industry in Ireland towards a more circular economic model for their extended producer responsibilities as required under the national Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy, the Whole of Government Circular Economy Strategy and our Scheme Approval. 

This new 5-year strategy recognises the transition to be undertaken by the Scheme, its Directors, Management and Executive team supporting our Members. Our 5-year strategic goals include, inter alia:


    • Continue Quality Achievements of Recovery & Recycling Rates and Battery Efficiency Rates
    • Mandatory EN collection and treatment Standard to remain a priority 
    • Lead on development of Circular EEE & WEEE Flows Reporting Programme 
    • Develop documented Reuse and Repair Programmes 
    • Financial stability metrics for Circular development, incorporating Circular Economy Financial incentives into our finance model 
    • Communication campaigns to encourage behaviour change and educate all stakeholders on the Circular Economy 

Initiatives and Case Studies