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Signify’s Circular Initiatives

Signify, the world's largest lighting manufacturer, has a strong commitment to increasing their Circular revenue to 32% by 2025. With over 125 years of experience, Signify continues to innovate in LED lighting and is leading the industry’s expansion to lighting systems in both the professional and consumer markets. In a notable project for 2023, Signify has received partial funding from the European Green Deal to implement energy-efficient LED lighting in the Dublin Port Tunnel. This initiative is expected to save €4 million over the next 5 years. Additionally, Signify demonstrated their circular efforts by reusing the existing fittings for all the light points in the tunnel.

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Key Findings

  • Signify’s remanufacturing has reduced the carbon footprint of the project in many ways.
  • Signify’s reuse of existing fittings, controls and cabling systems to save €2.7m versus new Lighting installation.
  • Signify’s new LED Lighting to save €4m in the next 5 years in electricity costs.


Carbon savings (CO2 eq.) 178,295.58
Economic savings ~14m


Dublin Port Tunnel will save €4m in five years after switching to Signify’s LED lights. All the 1,873 light points in the 9km long Dublin Port Tunnel have been fitted with energy-efficient LED lighting from Signify. The installation includes reusing the existing fittings for all light points. So, the project contributes to a more circular economy, saving an estimated €3 million as opposed to opting for a new LED infrastructural installation. Signify’s LED retrofit solution was selected for its ease of replacement and cost savings, which are especially significant in the context of the current energy crisis.
The project is part of the Irish government’s energy efficiency plans and was partially funded through the European Green Deal. The newly implemented lighting system yields a remarkable 60% reduction in electricity consumption based on 2022 rates, a reduction equivalent to the energy used by approximately 300 Irish households. With public lighting accounting for 24% of Dublin Council’s energy expenditure, energy efficiency projects like this one can make an enormous positive impact. Through a relatively simple upgrade, the project has successfully improved light quality, reduced costs, minimized maintenance requirements, and enhanced sustainability within the Dublin Port Tunnel.

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