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Glen Dimplex’s Repair and Spare Parts Availability

Glen Dimplex Ireland (GDI) offers repair services for their appliances. GDI refurbish all major appliances that are returned for re-sale. GDI also offer genuine spare parts for their repair technicians and for sale for end users. A significant share of their spare parts come from returned appliances.

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Key Findings

  • In 2021, a total of 12,910 appliances were repaired by GDI’s repair team.
  • This included a range of appliances including cooking, electric water heaters, electric fire appliances, TVs, and white goods.
  • GDI’s use spare parts from returned appliances that can not be refurbished.
  • This reduces the need to purchase and transport spare parts by approx. 10%.



Repairs Completed in 2021 Units
Cooking Appliances 5592
Electric Water Heaters 107
Electrical Fires 698
Renewables 1,241
Installed Heaters & Ventilations 577
TVs 1,952
White Goods 2,743
Total 12,910


All major appliances that are returned to GDI are inspected and as much as possible, refurbished to a high standard for re-sale. GDI keep a stock of refurbished items which they use to replace products in need of repair when no field service is available. These products are then refurbished to be exchanged again in the case of no available field services. 

Any returned appliances that are damaged beyond repair are stripped and the spare parts are made available for use on field service jobs and for sale to end users. This reduces the need for GDI to purchase and transport spares by approx. 10%. Where spare parts are not available for an appliance due to long lead time or supply issues, GDI have partnerships with spare parts suppliers in Ireland and UK to avoid having to swap out product.

In 2020, Glen Dimplex’s repair team carried out approximately 14,000 repairs in Ireland including approx. 1000 in-house workshop repairs (data reported to WEEE Ireland in 2021).