WEEE Initiatives

WEEE Recycling - Dream of Change

WEEE Ireland’s national marketing campaign "Dream of Change" inspires people to recycle. The campaign aims to inform people of the importance of recycling for recovery of valuable materials needed for brand new products. We are encouraging people to bring their old and broken electrical items to their local recycling centre or electrical store. A great way to help the environment.

WEEE Recycling - Binning is Sinning

WEEE Ireland’s national marketing campaign "Binning is Sinning" aims to highlight that binning of old and broken electrical items is damaging the planet. We are asking people when disposing of electrical appliances, bulbs, and batteries to recycle for free at their local authority recycling centre or nearest electrical retailer.

WEEEPledge Schools Battery Recycling Scheme

WEEE Pledge - School Battery Recycling Challenge

WEEE Pledge is a FREE battery recycling programme designed for schools. By engaging in fun learning activities and taking charge of battery recycling, students (and their families) learn about the importance of being responsible for the environment and how to make a difference in each community. Due to Covid restrictions, WEEE Ireland are unable to collect from schools for now and we are urging families to continue their great work recycling their batteries by bringing them to recycling centres or into one of it’s participating stores who sell batteries.


LauraLynn our charity partners

Our LauraLynn Partnership

All batteries recycled in the blue WEEE Ireland battery boxes help create a donation fund for LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice and with the help of an old friend, Bosco, WEEE Ireland was delighted to deliver a further donation of €40,000 to LauraLynn bringing the total donation to €480,000 since our partnership with the charity began. This has helped LauraLynn to deliver invaluable palliative care and support for children with life-limiting conditions and their families.


Retailer WE’ll Take it Back Campaign

The ‘WE'll Take it Back’ Programme is fronted by WEEE Ireland and other stakeholders to support electrical retailers in their obligation to offer a FREE e-waste take back service. There is now no longer any purchase required within participating stores to avail of this service, as long as a similar product is offered by the retailer.


Small Things Matter

Recycling electrical and lighting waste benefits the environment, allowing plastics, metals and glass to be recovered for manufacturing and alsoLauraLynn, Ireland’s only Children’s Hospice. And it's not just the big appliances that count... Small things matter too!

Small Things Matter


That's why WEEE Ireland have launched a new campaign with LauraLynn, Ireland's Children's Hospice - Small Things Matter driving home the message that every small piece of e-waste can easily be recycled at recycling centres and participating electrical retailers.

The power is in your hands… Find your local recycling point here

Together WEEE can make a difference!





Close the Loop                                

WEEE Ireland has worked since 2005 on quality recycling solutions for Producers, Distributors and Consumers of WEEE and waste batteries. We also engage with our Irish and European partners, Members and Trade Associations on solutions throughout the waste hierarchy to further ‘Close the Loop’. Read more here.



Environment Health & Safety Policy

WEEE Ireland's Board of Directors,  Management and Executive Team are committed to managing the Scheme's environmental obligations to a high standard. WEEE Ireland is certified to ISO 14001:2015 and the EMS policy can be read here.