Where can I recycle?

Do you have electrical, battery or lighting waste? Recycle it FREE through our authorised collection points.

Use the interactive map to find your nearest local recycling centre, Public Collection Day, Electrical Retailer and Bulb Exchange Store. Waste portable batteries can be recycled at your local newsagent.

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Small Things Matter

Small Things Matter!

Recycling waste batteries, electrical and lighting equipment allows valuable resources including plastics, metals and glass to be recovered for further use in manufacturing, and ensures hazardous waste is disposed of safely helping to protect our environment.

From fridges to phones, laptops to lawnmowers, toys to power tools and everything in between – every piece of e-waste matters.

So when its reached the end of its useful life, return your electrical and electronic waste to your local authority recycling centre (at no charge) or participating electrical retailers (where’s there’s no purchase necessary), and drop waste lightbulbs to local authority recycling centres and hardware and lighting stores nationwide.

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15th November 2019

WEEE Ireland recently published findings that 3.2 million lightbulbs were recycled in 2018, despite an estimated 10 million being sold in Ireland in the same period.  WEEE Ireland is calling on Irish consumers to “Have a Lightbulb Moment” and recycle their compact fluorescent (CFL) lightbulbs. Recent research commissioned by WEEE Ireland...

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