Retailer Information

WEEE Ireland continues to maintain an approved Register for Retailers and Distribution Centres of electrical appliances and industrial and automotive batteries as required under the Regulations.

WEEE Ireland has registered around 8000 retailers across the country.

Producer Responsibility + Circular Economy = A Resource Opportunity

Recycling Operations & Collections

As part of the approval by the Department of the Environment, WEEE Ireland is chartered to collect, treat and recover household electrical, electronic and battery waste arising in a defined geographical area in Ireland, covering circa 75% of the population.

WEEE Ireland coordinates collections of waste electrical and electronic equipment via three core channels: Retailer, Civic Amenity Sites and Collection Events. For the second year in succession there has been a marked increase in the weight of WEEE collected from Retailer collection points. WEEE Ireland now collects more WEEE from Retailers than any other channel. The rollout of the Retailer We’ll Take It Back programme and WEEE Ireland’s allocation of dedicated retailer support have been significant factors in this increase.