Battery Recycling FAQ’s

Have a look through our FAQ’s below, if you have a question not answered regarding batteries, you can contact our Battery Operations Team at operations@weeeireland.ie

How do I arrange a delivery of battery boxes?
To request your 10 free battery boxes, log a delivery here »
Battery Recycling FAQsHow do I arrange a collection of battery boxes?
You can dispose of your used batteries at your supermarket that sells batteries, Local Authority Recycling Centre or participating retailer free of charge. Because we are a recycling scheme, we recommend where possible you reuse your WEEE Ireland Battery boxes. If you have 10 boxes filled, you can log a collection here »
How can I tell what type of battery I have?
All batteries will have an indication on their labelling to the chemistry of the batteries. You can check out our types of batteries page for more information.
How can I recycle farm fence batteries?
You can dispose of your used farm fence batteries at your local Agri store or at one of our collection events around the country on our website. Retailers can request a collection of farm fence batteries once you have a pallet stacked 3 batteries high here »
Can I recycle rechargeable batteries?
Yes! We accept all types of batteries. See our types of batteries page for more information. If you have a type of battery different to these, please send a photo to operations@weeeireland.ie and we will be happy to assist
How can I recycle E-bike batteries?
Please refer back to your manufacturer or where you purchased the e-bike for instructions on safe battery recycling.
How can I recycle batteries from e-cigarette and vape devices?
Disposable, single-use, rechargeable vape and/or e-cigarette devices can contain batteries and are EEE products (Electronic and Electrical Equipment), both of which should be recycled when they reach end of life. WEEE Ireland facilitates the collective take back of this e-waste for free recycling via our Blue Battery Box System.
How can I recycle EV batteries?
You can find information on recycling EV batteries here »
How can I recycle WEEE and lighting?
End-of-life electrical and electronic, waste battery and lighting equipment – that’s anything that has or had a plug, battery or cable – can all be recycled for free at your nearest Local Authority Recycling Centre or participating retailer. You can find information on what and where on our website here »
I am a producer of batteries, how do I become a member?
Please see our producers page for more information
I am a retailer of batteries, what are my obligations?
Please see our retailers page for more information
I am a member of WEEE Ireland, and have a query on my account, who do I contact?
You can contact our Membership Team at info@weeeireland.ie
Do you hold free electrical recycling collection day events?
You’ll find a list of our current free public electrical recycling events, and a list of hundreds of free e-waste recycling drop off points across the country on our web map here »
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Remember always handle and dispose of all types of waste batteries safely and regularly to prevent potential hazards.
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