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Batteries at Home

Did you know that the average household has 12 used batteries hiding in their homes that could be recycled? They could be in old toys, shavers, power tools or at the back of the kitchen drawer!

Batteries at homeWEEE Ireland’s Battery Recycling Challenge is urging everyone to dig out those waste batteries and safely recycle them in one of our Blue Battery Boxes in retailers across the country. It’s an easy way to do your part to help tackle climate change and protect the environment. And every battery recycled by WEEE Ireland goes towards a donation fund to LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice.

Why not add battery recycling to your home and help contribute to the circular economy by giving batteries a new life! The power is in your hands…

DYK Batteries


The materials in 297 waste batteries could be used to make a new saucepan!*

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Taking part in recycling

Taking Part is Simple!

  1. Pick up a My Battery Box from your local Aldi, or you can store your batteries in a plastic container such as a margarine tub and refer to battery safety sheet for safe storage
  2. Use our videos and more to learn all about battery recycling below, and download our posters, social media images and more help you on your way
  3. Gather together the waste batteries from around your home
  4. Return your used batteries back to your nearest participating retailer or local CA Site for recycling

Posters, Social Media & More!

Take a look at our resources to help you become a battery recycling champion!

Battery Recycling resources

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Remember always handle and dispose of all types of waste batteries safely and regularly to prevent potential hazards.
See our Battery Safety web section for more information.
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