Battery Recycling Challenge - at school

Competition Winners

2022-2023 Schools Battery Recycling Competition Winners

Thank you to everyone who took part in the 2022/2023 WEEE Ireland Schools Battery Recycling Competition!

We are pleased to announce our 2022-2023 Schools Battery Recycling Competition Winners! A huge well done and congratulations to all our winning schools and pupils. See below for their tips on becoming a battery recycling champion and competition winner.

And remember there are 6 more €2,000 sports vouchers to win in this new 2023/2024 year of the competition!
So get your blue battery boxes and start collecting today to help protect our planet, support LauraLynn and be in with a chance to win!


Small Primary School Winner (Less than 100 Students)

WEEE Schools Winners 2023St Catherines National School, Aughrim, Co. Galway

St Catherines National School recycled the equivalent of 89,500 batteries!

Why do you think recycling batteries is important? 

“It is so important to recycles batteries so that lakes and rivers are not polluted and wildlife are not affected.  Also, batteries contain raw materials like iron, nickel and cobalt that can be used again if batteries are recycled properly. We also think it is important as every battery collected goes towards a donation to  LauraLynn which is a great cause.”

Was there anywhere you got batteries from that you didn’t know had batteries in it? 

“We got used batteries from all the usual appliances and toys and also from drones, phones, torches and car keys.”

Medium Primary School Winner (100 – 499 Students)

WEEE Schools Winners 2023Scoil Mochaomhóg Naofa, Borris, Co. Tipperary

Scoil Mochaomhóg Naofa recycled the equivalent of 40,500 batteries!



What are your best tips for collecting the most amounts of batteries?

“Asking grandparents, aunts and other family members to bring to school and from old toys.”

Was there anywhere you got batteries from that you didn’t know had batteries in it?

“Christmas lights, xbox controller, barbie house, smoke alarm and radios.”

Large Primary School Winner (More than 500 Students)

WEEE Schools Winners 2023Scoil Naomh Pádraig, Ballyroan, Co. Dublin

Scoil Naomh Pádraig recycled the equivalent of 20,600 batteries!


Why did your school decide to enter the competition?

“We signed up because we saw it on News2Day and we thought it looked really fun. We are a Green Schools so we know how important recycling is so we decided to give it a go!”

How did your school get everyone involved in recycling batteries?

“We stuck up posters around the school, and me and my friends talked at our school assembly. We let all the parents know, and then all the batteries started to arrive in our classroom.”



Small Secondary School Winner (Less than 300 students)

WEEE Schools Winners 2023Belmayne Educate Together Secondary School, Belmayne, County Dublin

Belmayne Educate Together Secondary School recycled the equivalent of 32,650 batteries!


What did your school do to start recycling batteries?

“We did an active week about waste and litter. We made a presentation for all tutor groups to look at and complete activities each morning. We also spoke at the whole school assembly on Friday.”

What are your best tips for collecting the most amount of batteries? 

“Having the blue boxes easily available for people and to remind them about it regularly.”

Medium Secondary School Winner (Between 300 – 599 Students)

WEEE Schools Winners 2023Ramsgrange Community School, Ramsgrange, Co. Wexford

Ramsgrange Community School recycled the equivalent of 82,200 batteries!


What have you learnt from your battery drive?

“That binning batteries is not good for the environment because the batteries contain harmful chemicals that can seep into the ground, damaging plants and animals if not disposed of correctly.”

How did your school get everyone involved in collecting batteries? 

“We created a battery collection point in the front hall of our school, and we had a competition among year groups as to what year could collect the most batteries, and the winning year got a prize.”

Large Secondary School Winner (More than 600 Students)

WEEE Schools Winners 2023Kilkenny College, Seixeslough, Co. Kilkenny

Kilkenny College recycled the equivalent of 160,300 batteries!


How would you explain to your friends how important it is to recycle batteries?

“It’s smart and the right thing to do. It’s easy – just do the right thing.” 

What has been your favourite part about collecting and recycling batteries? 

“The competitive aspect, the sense of community, raising awareness for recycling and sustainability, helping to raise funds for the Laura Lynn charity.”