Battery Recycling Challenge - How We Recycle Your Batteries

How WEEE Recycle Your Batteries

How WEEE Recycle Your Batteries

Appliances, devices, tools, toys and technology powered by all types of batteries are woven into the fabric of our lives. When the batteries that power these everyday products have reached the end of their useful life, we don’t want them going to landfill, being illegally dumped, or exported – creating environmental issues elsewhere. Ensuring this doesn’t happen tomorrow, starts with how we manage these products today.

We are WEEE Ireland – a government approved, industry-led, not-for-profit organisation, that operates authorised free waste battery and electrical take back and recycling programmes across Ireland.

We were founded by and represent manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of leading household electrical and electronic appliance brands to help them comply with their legal, compliance obligations under the EU Battery Directive 2006/66/EC and WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU.

We recycle anything household that had, or has had, a plug, battery or cable. And our systems ensure that waste batteries and e-waste are handled in a safe, secure, and environmentally sound manner.

When waste batteries and e-waste are brought to WEEE Ireland authorised collection points it prevents it going to landfill, being illegally dumped, exported, or handled by unauthorised operators. Authorised e-waste recycling protects our environment, supports climate action and ensures the recovery of valuable resources helping to achieve a truly circular economy.

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How WEEE Recycle Your Batteries:

  1. Waste batteries are dropped off at WEEE Ireland authorised collection sites. These include Local Authority Recycling Centres, participating retailers and at special collection events across the country.
  2. The used batteries are then sent to our certified specialist recycling partners for processing, where modern technologies are used to sort, break down and harvest the raw materials that went into them. Precious metals like zinc, iron, manganese and even plastics can be harvested from the batteries.
  3. Substances of concern like mercury and lead are handled responsibly to protect both the environment and the health & safety of the workers handling them.
  4. The recovered materials are then available to put back into manufacturing and can be used to make new products, as part of a sustainable and resource efficient future.


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