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Benefits of Membership

Producers have exemptions from certain parts of the Irish WEEE Regulations when they hold a certificate from an approved body such as WEEE Ireland.

WEEE Ireland helps Members meet their producer responsibility through collection, recovery, and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment and batteries.

Joining WEEE Ireland means a Producer is a Member of the largest compliance scheme in Ireland for WEEE and battery Management with over 1200 Members.

WEEE Ireland actively promotes proper environmental management of WEEE and waste batteries across many different media channels to raise awareness on behalf of its Members.

Members of WEEE Ireland also have access to support services of the WEEE Ireland Compliance Team which includes start up information. If you need information, advice or support phone: 01 2999322 or email info@weeeireland.ie.

WEEE Ireland publishes its annual environmental report - Latest WEEE Ireland Annual Environmental Report »

WEEE Ireland is working with WEEE Europe to offer Pan European Compliance Services to Producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

Every battery counts. Every appliance makes a difference

Business to Consumer (B2C) EEE Producers

  • B2C EEE includes household appliances and B2B EEE that can also be used in a household or non-professional environment e.g. laptops, lamps, mobile phones etc.
  • Producers of B2C EEE and/or batteries or accumulators can join WEEE Ireland to help meet their compliance obligations. Producers participating in a collective compliance scheme are exempt from certain individual requirements of the legislation.
  • WEEE Ireland reports directly to the Department of the Environment and the Environmental Protection Agency on this activity on behalf of members.
  • Register online now for a membership application pack to join the WEEE Ireland Scheme.


  • Business to Business Producers supply EEE that is for professional use only.
  • Business to Business type WEEE will typically not arise in household waste.
  • Business to Business Producers are currently obliged to self-comply.

European Context

WEEE Ireland understands the multinational context of electrical appliance supply and demand.

As a member of WEEE Europe, we have a pan-European o­ffering for all its existing and future Producer Members.

We offer support to all our members to assist meeting your compliance obligations.

If you have any queries or require any help please contact our Compliance team at info@weeeireland.ie for further assistance.