Fee Structure

WEEE Ireland Fee Structure

NB: A €300 Discount is applicable on membership fees when a company signs up to direct debit payment system.*
*Offer only available to Producers in EU SEPA zone


Note, WEEE Ireland invoices Members environmental fees each month following Blackbox reporting. These fees are provided on application to the scheme.






Fee Conditions

  • Fees are subject to ongoing review.
  • The above fee structure is charged to new members and the amounts owed are based on the EEE and/or Battery turnover of the company and the length of time they have placed EEE and/or batteries on the Irish market.
  • The fee structure is the same whether a producer is joining for WEEE only, Batteries only or WEEE & Batteries.
  • Producers also pay environmental/recycling management costs dependent on product type, volume and/or weight placed on the market each month.
  • For current members renewing annual membership the same fee applies as per the membership fee outlined above