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Health & Safety

WEEE Ireland operates a WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and Waste Battery Compliance Scheme under approval from the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment. This activity is carried out on a not for profit basis for the sole purpose of assisting members of the Scheme meet their compliance responsibilities as provided for under Article 30 of the Irish WEEE Regulations and Article 34 of the Irish Batteries Regulations; to Producers who are certified by an approved body to be participating in a satisfactory manner in a scheme for the environmentally sound management of waste electrical and electronic equipment and batteries.

Use of the Scheme WEEE and waste battery collection, recycling and recovery service is on a voluntary basis, and is at the sole discretion of individuals, businesses, educational institutions and other relevant parties. Parties must take all reasonable precautions in relation to the collection and storage of these waste streams and ensure they comply with any relevant instructions provided by WEEE Ireland and or their contracted agents. It is the responsibility of all such parties to define the risks associated with their own participation in the scheme and ensure that adequate control measures have been implemented to ensure those risks have been managed effectively.

WEEE Ireland is certified to ISO14001:2015 and the scheme places a priority on Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental best practice. The Quality, Health Safety and Environmental Policy can be accessed here.


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Disclaimer: it is the responsibility of the user to take due care and precautions when handling waste electrical and electronic equipment and waste batteries in the home, business or educational institution. WEEE Ireland (including its directors, officers and employees) does not accept liability for damages or losses resulting from the storage, handling and collection of WEEE and Waste batteries.

Further information

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Further information is available upon request from operations@weeeireland.ie