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WEEE Ireland Membership Survey Programmes 2020-2021

In 2020, as part of its membership with CIRCULÉIRE, WEEE Ireland surveyed around 130 Producer Members on their understanding, challenges and activities related to the Circular Economy. In a follow-up survey in early 2021, WEEE Ireland asked members to report on their existing circular practices for the first time.

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Key Findings

  • Lack of information was cited by producer members as one of the main barriers to their company transitioning to a circular economy, before costs and lack of resources. 
  • Other circular practices, including preparation for reuse, closed loop collection and recycling and direct refurbishment activities were also documented. 


2020 estimate WEEE repaired (from answers received) 3,500t
2020 estimate WEEE reuse (from answers received) 200t


This pilot reporting programme conducted by WEEE Ireland is included as a case study in  Ireland’s first national circular economy strategy, Whole of Government Circular Economy Strategy 2022 – 2023.

This project gave our compliance scheme a better understanding of circular practices and internal WEEE flows within its membership: it showed what type of data is currently available from producers and also highlighted important data gaps. It provided insights into how we could better support further reporting and training for our producer members.

Incentives to producers may support better quality data. Training and supports will also be required particularly to SMEs and distributors to encourage more circular actions related to the supply of EEE goods and services.

For More Information

Whole of Government Circular Economy Strategy 2022 – 2023 ‘Living More, Using Less’ – See Case Study 6 page 21

For more information on this survey and the work done by WEEE Ireland to measure circular practices within our membership, please contact the Compliance Team at