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Initiatives and Case Studies authorised repair agents for home appliances

In 2020 and 2021, WEEE Ireland partnered with the White Goods Association to promote authorised repair of electrical appliances on, an online platform which connects consumers with over 800 professionals in Ireland able to repair everything from watches to washing machines and as well as toys, textiles, furniture and more.

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Summary is an online directory of over 800 authorised repair professionals across Ireland who can repair everything from watches to washing machines, mowers to mobile phones. The directory aims to make the whole process of repair and reuse easier by connecting consumers with repair businesses. People can search the website by category to find repair businesses in their area, as well as the business’s website and contact details.

WEEE Ireland, in conjunction with the White Goods Association, is supporting the initiative to register more authorised repair engineers for popular electrical brands used every day in households across Ireland. Authorised Repair status is provided through validation by the WEEE Ireland Compliance Scheme and the registered Producers in Ireland.

As well as electrical products like PCs, mobile phones and appliances, lists repair professionals for clothing and shoes, furniture and upholstery, watches and jewellery, musical instruments, garden equipment, sports and bicycle repairs. Each person in Ireland produces over 586kg of waste each per year, the sixth highest in the EU. For household electronic waste alone, we generate 19kg per person.

The website is operated by local authorities, with Monaghan County Council the lead authority on the project and funding from the EPA through the National Waste Prevention Programme.