Farm Fence Battery Campaign

Free Farm Fence Battery Recycling

WEEE Ireland are reminding the Agri sector to recycle all your batteries, in particular Farm Fence batteries.



Drop back your old farm fence batteries to the supplier you purchased the battery from.


As the not for profit compliance scheme representing the Farm fence importers, WEEE Ireland are calling on all Co-ops and distributors to the Agri sector to participate in the collection program.


Importers and distributors of Farm Fence batteries are required to accept Farm fence batteries for recycling.

What do I do?:

All waste farm fence batteries should be placed safely & neatly on pallets and contact our collection teams for FREE collection and recycling –

Collection protocol:

One pallet minimum, stacked three rows high. Batteries should be shrink wrapped or strapped to the pallet prior to collection.

Contact info:  /


Safety Info:

Alkaline Farm Fence batteries are inert but do require recycling correctly. If a battery is leaking or damaged, it is suggested to place the unit in a plastic bag prior to collection.