Small Things Matter Now and Forever!

April 16, 2019

When it Comes to Recycling, One Small Action Can Make a Huge Difference

WEEE Ireland’s Small Things Matter campaign encourages Irish householders to recycle waste lighting equipment and small electrical household items to benefit our environment and the future of our children. Participating householders will be pleased to know their recycling efforts will also support LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice, with WEEE Ireland contributing to the charity, as part of the campaign. WEEE Ireland has been in partnership with LauraLynn since 2011 and has donated over €390,000 to this vital organisation, which brings support and palliative care to children with life limiting conditions.

“For a small nation, Ireland is playing a big part when it comes to recycling WEEE with over 60% of household e-waste recycled each year compared to a global rate of only 20%. And it’s not just our environment that sees the benefits. Because of the effort made by everyone to recycle, WEEE Ireland is able to support LauraLynn, meaning we are all helping to improve the quality of life for the children living with life-limiting conditions and their families. That is why WEEE say Small Things Matter”, said Leo Donovan, CEO of WEEE Ireland.

As of 1st January 2019, Ireland’s national target for e-waste recycling is 65% of material placed on the market, as part of the EU WEEE Directive 2012-19. These items are made up largely of the types of old and broken electronic items most of us find lying in our drawers and cupboards. This means small things really do matter because meeting an ambitious target such as this is only possible with the amazing support of households, businesses, and schools across Ireland taking small actions.

Remember These 3 Things to Play Your Part

To help each of us play our part, WEEE Ireland is making it easy for everyone to do the right thing with three simple reminders: that recycling small electronic household waste items is free, easy and local.

  • It’s Free: Any small electrical item with a plug or battery can be recycled for free. So, whether you’re returning kettles, toasters, toys, lightbulbs, batteries or clearing out the garden shed of electric lawnmowers and drills, there’s no need to worry about bin charges – it’s completely free.
  • It’s Easy: Every piece of Small WEEE can easily be recycled at recycling points across the country. Return small electrical waste to your local recycling centre (at no charge) or at electrical retailers (where’s there’s no purchase necessary), and you can drop waste lightbulbs to recycling centres and hardware stores nationwide too.
  • It’s Local: Recycling electrical and lighting waste benefits the environment, allowing plastics, metals and glass to be recovered for manufacturing and ensuring hazardous waste is disposed of safely. 100% of Small WEEE returned is recycled here in Ireland too. Click here to view WEEE Ireland’s interactive map and find your nearest recycling point today.

Since 2011, WEEE Ireland’s partnership with LauraLynn has led to donations in excess of €390,000. By simply recycling everyday household electric and electronic waste, rather than putting it in the bin, together we are supporting the staff at LauraLynn to deliver invaluable hospice care and emotional, social and psychological support for children with life-limiting conditions and their families.

For more information on what and where to recycle see

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