Request a Collection of Battery, WEEE and Lighting

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Retailers, wholesalers, health facilities, public/private businesses, schools & colleges can fill the following form for free collections of B2C WEEE.

This form is for collection of Battery, WEEE and Lighting.

Collection Request
Minimum Quantity:
1 Pallet (250kgs)
Minimum Quantity:
1 Cage
Minimum Quantity:
1 Trolley
Waste Batteries
Minimum Quantity:
10 Boxes
Waste Lamps
Size: 650x350x370mm
Minimum Quantity:
1 Box
Size: 1575x255x255mm
Minimum Quantity:
1 Box

For further information on collections or to submit a picture/image of loose WEEE please contact:

Please allow 1-10 working days for WEEE/Lamps collections to take place.
Please allow up to 30 days for battery collections to take place.

WEEE Ireland provide free collections of Business to Consumer (B2C) WEEE from retailers, wholesalers, health facilities, public/private businesses, schools and colleges. B2C WEEE is also known as ‘household-like’ WEEE as it includes anything that would be found in an average household with a plug or battery. It is the responsibility of each collection point to remove data from their devices prior to collection.

Unfortunately Business to Business (B2B) WEEE is not in scope for free collections as this is commercial WEEE which would not be found in an average household. Common examples of B2B WEEE include: large (bigger than desktop) printers and scanners, industrial dishwashers, autoclaves, incubators, servers, commercial fridges/freezers, cash registers, vending machines, etc. To correctly dispose of B2B WEEE please contact your supplier or licenced waste contractor such as KMK Metals or Wisetek.