Recycle old batteries for LauraLynn

January 25, 2019

LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice has been WEEE Ireland’s charity partner since 2011. Since then, every battery recycled by the public in the blue WEEE Ireland battery boxes has gone towards a donation fund for the charity. WEEE Ireland’s overall donation to LauraLynn since 2011 is a staggering €340,000!

This new year, WEEE Ireland are once again asking communities to come together and recycle old batteries in your participating retailer to help raise funds for LauraLynn.

SPAR in Woodstown Dublin 16 last year collected a whopper 210kg of batteries last year in a big drive for the charity supported by seven Residents Associations in the area. LauraLynn relies heavily on fundraising to continue providing their services. This year alone, it will cost 5m euro to fund LauraLynn at full capacity of which 4.3m has to be generated through fundraising.

Pictured below is Paul, owner of SPAR Woodstown, with the young members of the Junior Committee of Woodstown Village Tidy Towns.

Our future is in safe hands with these bright kids! The Junior Committee of Woodstown Tidy Towns has taken to overseeing the battery donations in their local area.

Leah Curtis, from Woodstown Village Knocklyon (pictured above), became involved in the collection initiative after learning the long-term effects of batteries.

“They can take over 100 years to decompose! I’m only 15 years of age and imagine if I discarded batteries into the environment my own grandchildren or even great grandchildren could be contaminated in the future by the toxic chemicals that the batteries are made from.

“So could I please ask everyone young and old to recycle them at their local shop, or recycling centre.”

To get involved, all you need to do is bring your waste batteries to your participating retailer and pop them in to the blue WEEE Ireland battery box. Currently, WEEE Ireland has over 7,000 registered retailers who take take part in our recycling initiative.





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