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EU Directives 2012/19/EU and 2006/66/EC oblige any Producer selling electric or electronic equipment and/or batteries or accumulators in Ireland, to take responsibility for the treatment and recycling of waste electrical and electronic appliances.

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Please specify when the company was placing Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) onto the market as a Producer during the time periods below, indicating the applicable turnover of EEE for the previous year


Turnover greater than €250,000


Turnover greater than €250,000


Please specify when the company was placing EEE/Batteries onto the market as a Producer during the time periods below, indicating the turnover of EEE/Batteries for the previous year.


Turnover greater than €250,000


Turnover greater than €250,000


Turnover greater than €250,000


Turnover greater than €250,000


Turnover greater than €250,000


Turnover greater than €250,000


Turnover greater than €250,000


Turnover greater than €250,000


Turnover greater than €250,000





Please note that by ticking the above box and submitting the direct debit form once we send it to you; you will receive a €300 discount on your annual fees for each of the applicable years you are joining the scheme. WEEE Ireland can only process direct debits in EU States.

Please Note: We may request documentary evidence and/or audit your company to confirm these details.

†† Please note WEEE Ireland may require additional information and/or signed agreements from Authorised Representatives and the Producer they represent and will update as required.

Please note fees for Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Batteries and Photovoltaic Cells are compliance management fees only. WEEE Ireland reserves the right to charge for collection, recycling and recovery of these waste streams as they arise.